The Sweet Spot

It’s no secret that I do perform occasional quid pro quo work for a few select people. They are antique store owners, flea market vendors, and private individuals with certain specialties.

It is their expertise that I call upon when I want to verify something, or need to fill gaps in my knowledge. In return, I do my thing and help them identify or value items that they have for sale.

So when a vintage 1959 Coca-Cola cooler came in to Country Side Antiques recently, owner Karen Glenn was eager to show it to me. I inspected it, made notes and found comparables.

After making adjustments for a minor condition issue, I told her what she could reasonably expect to get for it – and not a moment too soon! Literally within two hours of posting the photo on her site, she received a price request.

A vintage Coca-Cola cooler, with other vintage Coke items. Photo courtesy Karen Glenn / Country Side Antiques.

She gave the interested party the figure that I had quoted her, got it, and promptly changed its listing to SOLD.

Now, this is not an everyday occurrence, especially as I only gave her one figure and not a price range….but when everything falls neatly into place, well, it is kinda sweet 🙂

That’s all for now folks, enjoy the summer weather!

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